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Managed Projects

About our managed projects

Our projects come with a project plan of expected milestones, timings and recommendations for successful engagements.  Most projects are supported by rich sets of documentation including YouTube clips explaining the processes and educating users on how to use the new systems or on alternate methods of accessing systems during the project.

Many of our projects have the option of post project support and assistance at a fixed cost for how ever long you may require the backup assistance.  New systems generally require a degree of change management and our extended assistance programs allow for such change management to be completed effectively and smoothly without adding large amounts of additional load on internal staff.

We can offer assistance with

New installations

Implement new equipment or systems in your environment, from cloud services to line of business systems to additional hardware devices in line with manufacturer best practices.


Upgrade entire networks, software systems or hardware platforms with the minimum disruption to your organization.


Migrate from older technology to current systems.  Adopt cloud services and re-optimize your existing systems and platforms.

Legacy system are seldom upgradable with a migration being the only choice.  Alternatively, start with a clean configuration and make historical persistent issues a thing of the past.


Do you have a ongoing problem that is costing you money, productivity or loss of opportunity?  Don’t live with it, fix it.

Let us have a look into the problem and advise you on what it would take to address the problem permanently.  Often you just need a fresh pair of eyes to look at a issue, or a different experience set to take care of it.

Do you have a project that you need some professional, experienced assistance with?

Exchange Online

Migrating to Office 365 can be a daunting task for the typical business.  We have done hundreds of migrations to the cloud for clients.  Our well defined and streamlined process makes your migration less risky and structured in a manner that your productivity will not be impacted during the process.

Network Firewall

Integrating modern firewalls with your network systems make the use of these security measures transparent to network users, while retaining control of how your business assets are utilized.

From content filtering, to single signon, from intrusion prevention to reporting and logging, we can assist you in configuring your firewall for maximum effectiveness.


Implement a virtualized infrastructure based on a bullet proof systems architecture and backed up by best practice.

Microsoft Hyper V host configuration with virtual guest servers configured in such as way as to provide maximum protection of virtual machine processes from poorly behaved systems, as well as independence and isolation of workloads.

Adopt designs that allow for maximum systems availability and for maintenance and upgrades to be completed without disruption of unrelated workloads and processes.

Asset Register

Develop and maintain your technology assets register to assist you with budgeting, planning and insurance processes.

Know what you have, where it is, and what it is being used for.

Gain insight into what software is installed and used in your business, compare this to your purchased software license register and identify license shortfalls as well as unauthorized software in use in your business.

View your colour coded asset register, green indicating equipment fit for purpose, yellow indicating marginal capacity and red indicating end of life equipment needing replacement in due course.

Software Audit

South African businesses are being audited daily.  The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is a group of software vendors including Microsoft who require all businesses to submit software audits for comparison with their (BSA) records of licenses purchased by businesses.

Such  software audits can be time consuming and be complicated by BSA audit agents who are not experienced or up to speed of what is required.  Our Software Audit service will assist your business through the process.  Having completed hundreds of audits, we know what is required to be submitted, how the submission process works and how to handle situations where businesses find themselves in situations where they may be incorrectly licensed.

Don’t put your business and staff through the stress of a BSA audit.  Give us a call and we will handle the process for you.

IT Competitiveness Benchmark

Get the real picture of your businesses competitiveness in IT terms.  Gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses in terms of the market in general as well as other businesses such as yours.

Your IT Competitiveness assessment covers a full spectrum of technology touch-points, from operations to strategy, from legislative compliance to security to procurement and staffing.

Implement corrective interventions based on your priorities and repeat the assessment periodically to assess improvement and to identify new priority areas to address.