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Outsourced IT for businesses with up to 200 users. Call us today on +27 21 673 6756

IT Management as a Service

Does my business need IT Management as a Service?

  • Employing full time IT leadership and technical staff is not cost effective
  • Are you sure that your technology stack is not introducing unnecessary risk exposure to your operation?
  • Do you have multiple vendors / service providers that you do business with?
  • You don't know which devices are vulnerable to security threats?
  • You seem to be fighting IT fires instead of moving forward?
  • You really aren't sure if your backups run?
  • Managing different service providers is complicated and frustrating?
  • Ensuring that your software licenses match what you have purchased, is complicated?
  • Knowing which assets are being used by who is important but is not administered diligently?
  • Which assets need replacing and which need upgrading is seldom undertaken?
  • You don't know the difference between a network firewall and user endpoint security?
The more 'yes' responses to the prompts above, the greater the benefit of outsourcing your technology to The IT Department.

Contact us today to discuss these any the other benefits your business processes will enjoy by outsourcing you IT to us.

Hassle free IT comes from skilled technical execution, best practice processes, proactive monitoring and experienced management.  It takes effort and expertise, a wide range of experience and sound business decisions.

We can deliver this in your business.

Benefits at a glance

  • The right resource type for the task on hand
  • IT Management resources
  • IT Administration resources
  • IT Execution resources
  • User support resources
  • Sufficient manpower capacity when you need it
  • YouTube library of how-to's and user educationals
  • Technology advisory
  • Best practice implementations
  • Systems monitoring
  • Managed security services
  • Managed Helpdesk
  • 3rd party vendor / service provider management

Technology Management

The big picture

A holistic perspective on technology in your business will provide you with the platforms and systems your business need to perform as you expect your business to perform.

Optimized agility

A precision approach will minimize wastage while avoiding the all too common pitfall of painting yourself into a corner with very expensive remedial actions necessary once it is realized.


Know how other businesses like yours address similar problems within their processes.  Remain relevant and competitive during tough economic conditions and emerge a market dominator when the tide turns.

Create opportunity

Exploit existing data and information within your business to maximize revenue opportunities.  Latent data is potential revenue which is often easy to monitize once identified and extracted.

Address bottlenecks

Measure performance in key strategic areas and put action plans in place.  Once executed, assess the outcomes and move on to address the next business bottleneck.

Technology Administration

Asset management

  • Which assets are still in use?
  • Who is using them?
  • What are the serial numbers?
  • What is the replacement value of each asset for insurance purposes?
  • Is unauthorized software being used on company assets?

Vendor management

Management of technology service providers, such as:

  • Managed printer providers
  • Internet service providers
  • Cloud subscriptions and services
  • Line of business application vendors, etc.

Business process support

  • A comprehensive set of documentation to assist new joiners with familiarizing themselves with the enterprise systems and practices.
  • Custom developed content for employee education and training on using the systems and processes in the business.
  • YouTube and local hosted video clips aimed to informing, educating and assisting users make the most of the tools at their disposal.  Ideal for new joiners as well as for change management.

Technology Operations

Issue management

User support issues logged and managed centrally means that repeat issues and trends are identified and remedial actions can be designed and implemented.

Effective reporting practices are facilitated leading to shorter response times and greater efficiencies.

Business grade feedback and follow up by non-technical service management co-ordinators will confirm end user satisfaction and issue resolution.

Fixed cost per user

Fixed cost pricing makes budgeting simple, and keeps operational responsibility where it belongs – with us.
Our user pricing includes unlimited user support as well as additional services including managed antivirus and user computer disk capacity monitoring.

Proactive service

Proactive services begin with automated monitoring of critical systems. Backup failures, low disk space situations and unavailable services all lead to risk, performance degradation and low organizational productivity levels.


Issue statistics including number of issues per period, per user or per vendor make for informed decision making and improved planning.