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Network Security


A SonicWALL firewall will help protect your business assets against threats based outside your network, as well a risks introduced by your users based inside your network.

Benefits such as integration with your network services, reporting for usage and consumption queries and smart categorization of external sites offer a comprehensive security suite with valuable management information from which to make decisions.

SonicWALL led the way with Capture ATP technology to sandbox and assess inbound attachments in an effort to protect digital assets from Ransomware threats.


SonicWALLs are appliance firewalls that are deployed as the gateway(s) to your business network.  Being applicances, the devices are completely self contained and are kept relevant by the manufacturer by means of subscription services.

SonicWALL manufacture a firewall for almost every size of business, from the home office to the 1000+ user network environment.  Our expertise lies in the range of appliances for the 250 user and smaller environment, identified as the NSA and TZ series.

  • Analyzer Reporting for monitoring and management decision making
  • Single Sign On for Active Directory Integration
  • Intrusion Prevention for protecting against suspicious traffic
  • Content Filtering for internet access based on group membership
  • ISP Failover for multiple internet service provider connectivity management