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Outsourced IT for businesses with up to 200 users. Call us today on +27 21 673 6756

About you

Technology plays an important role in your business.  It enables critical processes and facilitates customer interactions and optimizes your supply chain.  You demand the same service level from it as you expect from any other asset in your business.  It needs to work in a manner that gives you the freedom to respond to opportunities as they present themselves and it needs to do so without demanding all your energy and attention on an ongoing basis.

You expect your return on investment, both financial and effort, to be maximized.  You understand the degree of complexity associated with technology in business as well as you understand the complexity and effort required to maintain other functions in your business such as finance, operations, HR, marketing and such, but your business is not ready to employ the same resource overheads to ensure the necessary planning, alignment, resourcing and execution as you have in other functions.

You believe correctly that it is not only more cost effective to leverage the experience, skills and capacity from a specialist business that shares the same expectations in terms of excellence as you hold, but you also believe that the benefits of collective experience, insights and maturity of process only comes from environment where these are drilled and exercised as core business activities on a daily basis.

In short, you want business grade technology services from strategic alignment to operation excellence, with good governance, compliance, security and best practices without having to establish you own internal competence in this area.

Then The IT Department (PTY) LTD is the team you must be dealing with.

Your business technology problems are our service differentiators

Your business is not getting what it expects from its investment in technology.  You may be facing constraints that you are not happy with, or your competitors are outperforming your business.  Perhaps you are frustrated with the cost and complexity of managing in-house staff, or your IT service provider is not delivering on your expectations.  You may be due for a software audit and your business has no where to turn for assistance with this, or your business information is not as secure as you expected it to be and you have been compromised by a ransomware or other cyber crime action.

Best practices

Our proven, mature processes and practices are guaranteed to change your outlook.   We will improve your reliability, we will improve your competitiveness, we will advise you on best practices and we will help you achieve those objectives.  As one of the leading IT audit companies, our network audits, IT security audits and cyber security audits will form the basis of our best practice recommendations for your specific goals.

Strategic advisory

Be kept up to date with relevant news and technology opportunities and threats. Hear what others are doing, what their experiences were and what best to avoid.

Technology roadmap

Your business strategy is more than likely going to be different to that of your competitors. Therefore, your technology roadmap is expected to look different to the competition, too.
We have the depth of experience and breadth of exposure to design an effective technology roadmap for your business with its unique set of circumstances. The technology roadmap is the outcome from an analysis of your business and its strategic plan and is probably the single most important technology deliverable, yet is most often overlooked or neglected. Our engagements start here.

Architecture review

Incorporate your technology roadmap at a tactical level and see how your objectives are going to be realized tangibly in your systems architecture. Know what fits where, what it will bring you and see it brought to bear.

Software asset management

Keep track of software titles installed on your equipment and ensure that you are not exposed to fines and other risks. Establish a software asset management procedure that helps mitigate against a range of risks from software license non-compliance to security threats introduced by the installation of unauthorized software.

Operational best practice

System interdependencies add complications to information technology assets. Understanding these interdependencies, recognizing them and acknowledging them are the starting points of operational excellence. Best practices are developed from a broad range of instances of such complexities with the aim of avoiding known problems and achieving predictable and repeatable outcomes.
In the absence of strong management practices, oversight and experience, best practices are seldom adopted and are substituted with the limited experience of resources who do not have the benefit of experience nor appreciation of all that could be overlooked, resulting in environments that do not perform as intended, or exposing business to risks that are unknown and therefore unmanaged.

Legislative compliance

The legislative burden on business is not overly burdensome, yet many businesses do not comply with current legislation. The ECT Act and the PoPI Act are common examples of easy to comply with legislation that is often overlooked.

Vendor management

Dealing with service providers and vendors requires focus and resources to be available to deal with matters as they arise. Effective vendor management is possible with experienced managers who have the interests of the business at heart and who know how to get the results that are required.

Capable responsibility

We take responsibility for technology in your business.  Our advisory, planning and execution services dovetail each other providing you the most aligned IT platform your business requires to achieve your goals.  Many of our clients have enjoyed success from our comprehensive services for more than 12 years.
We are able to provide this service based on our very broad range of experience across multiple business sectors and industries.  Our experiences are consolidated and reflected in a solid operating framework optimized for economies of scale and predictable and repeatable processes.  Our business first perspective on technology ensures that you are not left with ineffective or short sighted technology implementations that only add high costs of ownership, complexity and bottlenecks to your operation.

Systems management

Systems need attention to keep them delivering the services they are expected to deliver. Few systems continue to operate without degrees of administration and management. Ensuring reliable operation begins with the professional and knowledgeable management of such systems.

Critical services monitoring

Certain services are defined as critical in any business process. These are systems that deliver functionality to the business that cannot be done without. When these services are not being delivered, the business is hemorrhaging money. These are the services that need ongoing monitoring with alerts being triggered when they stop and actions undertaken as priority.

Security best practices

Information technology security is a complex field. Security best practices are often overlooked due to its complexity and businesses are left vulnerable to exploitation. Ransomware losses are now common with businesses spending billions of dollars on ransoms, often without recovering their information.
Effective technology system security is more than an antivirus and requires a specialized skill set and dedicated focus.

Operational capacity efficiencies

Have access to the appropriate resource capacity when needed. Capacity planning and provisioning is completely removed and left to us. Gain access to the experience, skills and capacity on an ‘as needed’ basis and completely avoid practical complexities such as resources being unavailable, leave, training and staff retention to mention but a few.

Program management

Have your business initiatives overseen by experienced senior business people. Bring your individual project deliverables in line with the desired initiatives goals and critical path. Your deployment, integration, customization, infrastructure provision, configuration management and stakeholder reporting is simplified without having to divert resources from other functions or having to employ temporary experts who may take time to understand your particular business environment.

New opportunities await

Move from the complexity and frustration of unresponsive and misaligned technology to a place of genuine benefit and opportunity with our proven and industry recognized systems and services.

Digital transformation framework

Small and midsize businesses have definite advantages over their larger competitors as it is a great deal simpler to deal with potentially hefty issues such as digital transformation change management that the bigger guys wrestle with.  Digital business transformation should be more than simply the digitisation of business, although that is certainly a starting point.  As a leader in digital transformation companies, we are able to help develop your digital transformation strategy too.

Your business outlook


Even in the toughest conditions, businesses compete. Those who are competitive, grow and dominate their markets.
A growth posture is considerably different to a survival posture. Find competitive advantage in technology and set yourself apart from the competition.

See how we can help you outperform your competitors by means of technology.


 Keeping your head down, should not mean hiding from your market. Survival is all about being there when the rain comes.
Don’t compromise your ability to do business. Avoid costly mistakes which may cost a lot to recover from.

Instead, remain relevant, be seen and above all, be responsive.

You can achieve more with us in both cases.

What can the right IT do for your business?

Target opportunities

Position your business to take advantage of market opportunities. Small repeated gains as well as bigger opportunities are all within reach. Market forces drive change, and change can be an opportunity. Discover new revenue opportunities as your market changes with an agile business.

Drive efficiencies

Optimize processes and streamlining procedures create additional capacity within your operation and provide smart cost saving options. Additional capacity could mean additional services and products, leading to greater revenues and profits.

Protect what you've built

Legislative compliance need not be overwhelming. Pragmatic periodic activities assess degrees of compliance and allow you to prioritize actions where needed.
Keep your business risks under control with software asset management, and ensure that your business’s value is not discounted by software licensing shortfalls.


Being able to continue meaningfull business operations following disruptive events, often proves to be a significant differentiator between positively competitive businesses and those in death spasms. Business continuity ensures your position is not jeopardized and allows your business to continue activities as it did before.


Achieve competitive advantage with technology quickly by having us handle your strategic projects on your behalf. Too much choice and too many options often leads to analysis paralysis. We sift through the noise and hype, and give you just what’s relevant. Focus on what needs to be the next move, while we execute the plan.

Measure your competitiveness

If all other things are equal, businesses that make better use of technology will be most profitable. Prioritize initiatives based on your unique objectives and with the insight of your current competitiveness quotient across key areas. It is possible to measure your IT competitiveness and to compare it with other businesses.

Our investment in your business